Shourya have had a fear of attempting to read and speak in English before he joined Rainbow Phonics. Gradually, I could able to see his fear vanishing as he himself felt confident of reading independently. I noticed drastic improvement in his writing skills too. Now he has developed the knack for speaking in English confidently. I am thankful to Priya ma’am for consolidating my son’s basic language skills.

Mrs. Vidhi Sangani m/o Shourya Sangani

I came to know about Rainbow Phonics from my daughter’s drawing teacher. I decided to enroll her and that was the best decision I took for strengthening her base and fundamentals of language. She can now pronounce and read difficult words very easily, study without others’ help and is also among toppers of her class. I am very thankful with the way Priya ma’am taught her lovingly. Jia always went to her class eagerly. I would recommend this course to all parents for their children. It is truly very helpful.

Mrs. Lavina Dhankani m/o Jia Dhankani

Jinansh started learning phonics at the age of 6 years. It is a very useful approach to learn and begin with English language. Priya ma’am taught it in a very effective manner. Jinansh could easily pronounce words which others felt difficult. I think all children should learn phonics. I wish her best of luck in her endeavour to spread this teaching and make learning easy and interesting for students.

Mrs. Kruti Pranav Shah m/o Jinansh Shah

I had to give lot of time for teaching spellings to Devansh before he joined phonics class. But after joining Rainbow Phonics I didn’t need to prepare him for learning spellings. Almost all the time now he gets all spellings correct. He gets full marks in dictation. He can read everything so easily now. I am thankful to Priya ma’am for bringing about the remarkable improvement in my child.

Mrs. Chaitali M Desai m/o Devansh Desai

Kyna developed the interest and love for reading after she felt the confidence that she is able to read on her own and this is something which she can work out so easily. I am thankful to Priya ma’am for teaching her phonics so well and systematically. She used to remain excited and full of joy to go to her class every time.

Mrs. Killol Parikh m/o Kyna Parikh