About the Founder

Certified Official Jolly Phonics Trainer

Priya Sameer Allawadi

Priya originally graduated as Chemical Engineer and spent over a few years in corporate world. Later, she quit her rewarding job to pursue her passion of teaching young minds by becoming a certified Montessori teacher.

Whilst working as a preschool teacher, she came across the Jolly Phonics Programme for the first time. It was a turning point in her life and a breakthrough moment for her students! Using Jolly Phonics, as opposed to rote-learning and the conventional methods, learning to read and write became a much more effective process.

She believes that providing children with effectual and extensive learning programme at the foundation level will prepare children for primary level learning and nurture their love for reading.

Since 2009, it has become Priya’s passion to teach early literacy and unveil the magic of the Jolly Phonics multi-sensory method of teaching literacy. It is fun and exciting, both for children and teacher and she has been using Jolly Phonics with students of different age groups with excellent results! These tremendous improvements in the students’ reading and writing have helped them become ardent readers, creative writers and basic English speakers.

Priya is very passionate and enthusiastic to share her knowledge of Jolly Phonics to empower teachers, parents and other educators who truly want to see their children achieve with confidence and develop their love for learning, hence making the difference in the lives of the next generation.

Priya has successfully completed the official Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Teacher Training course conducted by CPD College, UK.

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